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Friday, May 3, 2013

Native Boats at the Bridge of Yokohama

I'm not certain if the back of the card is referring to the style of boat involved when "China" is brought up.  I believe Yokohama is in Japan at last check.


  1. Confusing. Having looked on line it seems there might be a "Bridge of Yokohama" in China, but not really sure.

  2. Ray, maybe the caption writer was confused, as when Columbus mistook Cuba for Japan.

  3. From Yahoo Answers.'Yokohama means side harbour. Yokohama is also the name of an Indonesian town near Singapore.' So I feel more sure, but not certain, that there was a or is a "Bridge of Yokohama" in China. Or, as you say, the caption writer was confused.:)

  4. It is very strange, I did some googling but I cannot explain it either (except for the confused writer). Although there is a large Chinatown located in Yokohama (I didn't know there are chinatowns in Japan).