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Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years

I am re-posting this image, originally from 5/17/2012.  The killing of the sacred king on 11/22/63 occurred before my birth.  Yet the murder and the later shocks of the 1960s tinged the atmosphere,  an unseen train passing.  I cannot recall when I first gained a concept of the Kennedy assassination -- the tropes seemed to emerge complete, like Minerva.  And the mystery of Oswald, who traveled when and where he pleased (except on his final journey), and the mystery of the companion shooter, or shooters, if they existed, persists.


  1. Like a lot of people, I can remember exactly were I was on that day and the shock I felt. It seemed unbelievable. A real tragedy.
    I never read any of the books on the subject until Norman Mailer published 'Oswald's Tale', a great book by a great author. I felt I could trust Mailer and feel he didn't let me down.

  2. It may be an occupation hazard for him, but after (re)waching the horrible images my heart went out to his wife (who climbed at the back of the car to grab a peace of his skull).

  3. Ray, Oswald's Tale sounds intriguing -- I saw Mailer speaking about Oswald in a documentary. Stone's JFK may be loose with some facts but has some memorable visuals and challenging hypotheses, as I recall (I read On the Trail of the Assassins after watching it). Rob, people still argue about the short Zapruder film. I never knew until recently why Jackie climbed back on the car like that.