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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

People standing before the Mona Lisa, the Louvre



  1. Unless they limit numbers (of people) there are perhaps times when there could be more crowds, I don't know. It seems crowds are an unavoidable part of sightseeing. It's over 20 years ago since I visited Paris, I went in January - I remember it was very cold - I visited the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, but didn't visit the Louvre. I don't recall it being too crowded, but that's (over) 20 years ago.
    Are you taking the metro? If so how do you find it? I remember finding it very difficult to navigate as I think (if I remember rightly) the station names are not the names of the streets/area as they are on the London underground.
    It looks like a great trip! Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Lisa, it's been a great experience. Yes, the queues (or lines as we say in the states) can be unpleasant, and the crowds, but this is nothing like what it would be in the summer. It wasn't too difficult to get close to the Mona Lisa -- again, not the high tourist season. I was surprised at how mild the weather's been in Paris, maybe I was lucky. I gave up on the Eiffel Tower elevator, every time I went by it looked like about at least an hour wait. I've used different forms of transportation, but have walked a lot and took the metro for the first time today. I found it a little difficult to figure out, more so than the Tokyo or New York subways, but did ok. Yes, the station names don't relate to the street names in Paris (I like the name of one stop, Stalingrad). It's been well worth it.