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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Giant Collage

A collage which Roman Scott and I made over a period of two years or so in the late 1970s (or at least part of it, given the limits of this photo) -- i.e., when we were around twelve, thirteen years old. Our title for it was "The Giant Collage" -- guess you might also call it the Decline of the West or something else. We would pass it back and forth over the months, working on it, and taping sections together. The photos and text were cut out of Soviet Lifes, National Geographics, newspapers, Wild West magazines, newsmagazines, Famous Monsters, and now unidentifiable sources. There were multimedia elements as well, acrylic paint, pen and ink, and so on. Soviet Life was a propaganda magazine distributed here by the USSR, displaying the glories of Soviet communism.

Not so long ago finished Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, (the rereleased unabridged version) one of the longer books I've read in a while. To paraphrase what Dr. Johnson wrote about Paradise Lost, no one ever wished for it to be longer. My opinion of Stranger is divided; Heinlein isn't a subtle writer, and the pantheism is a simplistic element. However, there is much that lingers with one, not least including the Man from Mars and his development. Heinlein assumes that 1950s or early 60s- era martini culture would be around far into the future; The behavior of the characters is often straight out of the Cocktail Nation. This in itself seems short-sighted -- culture always changes, even if in unpredictable ways. Also, he might have set the novel on a planet further away than Mars, so that the premise would hold up in light of new knowledge about our neighbor.

For science fiction writers from roughly the same era, I still would prefer, say, Dick or Sheckley.

Also for sierra hotel india echo sierra sierra echo sierra and giggles, have been re-reading Walden.


  1. Hadn't looked at your blog in a while. Funny you should mention "Stranger..." I'm about to pick it up at the library along with Dick's "The Man In The High Castle". See if I can get through them with more time on my hands. I have my doubts about my patience. I just finished a biography on the group Sonic Youth. I know you're not much of a rock music fan but these guys were ahead of their time and still separate from it all today in their experimentalism and drive to do things on their own terms.

  2. Yeah, the Man in the High Castle is excellent... I read another novel by Philip K. Dick a few years back that didn't leave as much of an impression, but I'll have to read some more of his stuff sometime...

    I had some friends who were into Sonic Youth years ago... Actually I've got quite a bit of rock in my collection... I chanced upon an old Einsturzende Neubaten cassette tape at a garage sale recently, they're still around... Not easy stuff to listen to, but it's worth a try as they don't make any concessions to the listener; industrial effects, howling, and the like.