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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Poem, and a photo of myself at the Ryoanji rock garden in Kyoto, Japan from 1995 -- one of those photos where you give the camera over to a stranger to snap.

Saw Clint Eastwood's latest, Gran Torino, a couple weeks ago. I liked the film quite a bit, with its presentation of a sort of fey Dirty Harry. Involving the Hmong as characters gave the film more depth than a lot of contemporary movies.

Also recently watched Arrabal's And I will walk like a Crazy Horse, another sick and inventive surrealist work. I liked a brief non sequitur shot of what appeared to be a giant spider against the sky.

The Bums

by Jonathan Falk


Shoulders buzzed under a shade tree, they threw at us crabapples, boysenberries, marionberries, wine spilled into shade of fiery trees. We walked off from the hobos, children seeking sweets, tired of home.

& Angels tread the gateway, skunks roam the hay, cisterns clang.

The tyres take one to the child is father of the man, mountains' hem -- adumbrated through eyelid & hazel, I've seen squirrels before.

Horseless carriage moaning up the track, nutmeg and lycanthropes, shoulder shadows scoriac, proto-Autumn sun horizon & nadir.

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