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Friday, February 8, 2013


A piece by myself, written in Maebashi, Japan in 1991, which was published (with a few typos) by Myeongsuk Jeong in Sunflower: A Literary Journal for Freewrites, Berkeley, California, 4th Quarter 1993.  A statement inside the publication read that, "Sunflower is a quarterly literary journal for freewrites published in the Bay Area. Our goal is to provide a forum for the exploration and expression of freewriting as defined in Natalie Goldberg's books, WRITING DOWN THE BONES and WILD MIND." Art by Myeongsuk Jeong.

Curiously, the streak at the top of the photograph is not present in the original -- a byproduct of scanning, or a psychic contrail?


  1. My English is not good enough to fully appreciate your writing (there are a lot of adverbs and adjectives). Muslin-armpited dummies?

  2. Rob, it was written in a stream of consciousness style. I appreciate you writing in English -- my Dutch is nonexistent. I guess we're lucky with English being the global language for now anyway.