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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dutch Resistance Museum

I located and went into the Dutch Resistance Museum, the third such resistance museum I have attended. The others were in Trondheim and Copenhagen, on previous trips. I barely made it in the collection at Copenhagen before closing and dashed through, taking note, among other things, of Himmler's eye patch, worn as a disguise toward his end. The Dutch Resistance Museum enthralls with its sobering galleries of items including a poem written in prison with blood, depictions of the different strata of Dutch society prewar, microfilm which at one time nestled hidden inside a safety razor handle, a real jail cell door, unsettling posters from the Dutch Nazi Party and leaders, and a beaten-up statuary head of Hitler, 

Street stickers, Amsterdam

Statue garden by the Resistance Museum


  1. I'd never heard of the The Dutch Resistance Museum before, it is not well known. I do know the nearby located 'Hollandsche Schouwburg', the place where the jewish people had to gather before they were transported. Today the building is a place of memorial.

  2. The Dutch Resistance Museum also has some material on the persecution and transport of Jewish people. I read about that museum in a guidebook; other times I just run into something as I walk or travel around.