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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Poultry (zine)

The cover and two interior pages, with a couple poems from me and a tiny Roman Scott painting snippet, from Poultry Number Three, 1983, published by Alan Larsen, of Sherwood, Oregon. The maker issued a modest print run, I imagine. The 1980s were years fertile for zines and small publishers.


  1. I like Nixon Reunion Party and Poultry is a great title for the mag!

  2. I'm pleased you like the piece, Ray. Nixon was still alive at the time, of course. A tiny little photocopy zine.

  3. Nice poetry and well-written little story! Sometimes I long back to the days of writing stories using typewriters. Using Word at a PC never seems that creative.

  4. Thanks, Rob. I was in high school when I wrote those pieces. I still have an old electric typewriter, I haven't used it in a long time. I used to have an old manual typewriter. You always think of Hemingway and people in those times using one.