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Monday, July 17, 2017

Oliver Stone, 1997 Photo

Oliver Stone signing a copy of his novel A Child's Night Dream. Portland Art Museum (in the former Masonic Temple building), Portland, Oregon, October 13, 1997. Powell's Books hosted the event, a talk and book signing.

Photo by JF


  1. A great American director. I used your link and looked over the list of films he's made. I've seen a few but there's a lot I've missed.

    1. I've seen a number of his movies, and the list reminded me of a couple I'd forgotten he directed. Among others, I found Nixon challenging and well-made, working with a historical figure who was difficult to like. I really like The Doors, JFK, and others as well. I spoke with Oliver probably all of about a minute at the event, when he signed my book.

    2. I haven't seen Nixon, but came across the book. A film script of the movie, an interesting read.

    3. Not to mention Platoon, Natural Born Killers....

    4. The film script of "Nixon" sounds worth a look, Ray.