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Friday, May 8, 2015

70th Anniversary of VE Day

T-34 tank outside Soviet War Memorial, Berlin, April 2015

Reichstag, Berlin, April 2015


  1. Your certainly covering some ground, Jonathan. It's interesting following your journey and I'm enjoying the photographs. Thanks

  2. I appreciate the comment, Ray. Glad you liked the pictures. I've been back in the USA for several weeks now. I just used those photos for their relevance to VE Day. But the trip was wonderful.

  3. Rob, I've been there twice, but didn't climb inside the dome. Long lines, or queues as the British would write.

  4. Yes, I noticed that too. Amazing long lines, every day, standing at the lawn in front of the building. So at my last day I got up very early and then I had to wait only 15 minutes.

  5. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll go there if I visit Berlin again.