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Monday, July 13, 2015

Collage, 1977-79

A collaborative collage, known as The Giant Collage, created by me and Roman Scott, 1977-79. I posted about this work previously.

The same work, filtered through Dream deeply. As some others have indicated, the program generates a lot of dogs. This is, however, still an engrossing interpretation of the fractal original.

  And one more Dream deeply rendering -- of Marc Myers, Clark Dissmeyer, and me, Nebraska, 8 March 2015. We look like psychonauts in a Stanislaw Lem novel, or figures in a Francis Bacon painting, or both.


  1. Intense stuff, Jonathan...I particularly like the last one!

  2. Thanks, Ray. The Dream Deeply program can be rather addictive. We wouldn't have anticipated something like that when we made the collage in the 70s.