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Monday, April 11, 2016

Transient Wings

Transient Wings, Western Half of the Columbia River Gorge

Loneliness, it’s such a scraped affair.
Hawk jewels flowed sightlessly westward.
The reason of the excavation was to reveal deep layers in stony time.
Vast sutures of independence whorl chakra.
At the mountains of energy, float with your mind until lunar provenance enlightenment reached.
The polished immensity of the mountains, twilight ermine fanfare of the argent musk.
Train de Chirico like whistling spiders, grave robber polka spinster yellow ancient grove sad mossy-flamed farmhouse, Edelweiss rocking horse.

Hawk’s wings, rotating like spiders,
Kites drumming over slough and grove.
Train rolls austere and limber,
Caboose like a tramp, twilight of gold.
Rubbish eye incantatory,
Snowy fields, untrodden, transient and flashing on the crest of the Cascades.

JF April 2016

Photo of Crown Point by JF, July 4, 2002


  1. Lots of good things in this poem, Jonathan. Lines like "Loneliness, it’s such a scraped affair"; it has the ring of truth.

  2. Glad you liked it, Ray. That "loneliness" line is an almost-quote from the song "Superstar," most famously performed by Carpenters.