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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reagan Amplifier

G.W. is going to have to give back the keys to the car in a little more than a week -- wonder who he'll pardon? The vehicle's got a couple of dings in her. Collage from 2004, and the "Reagan Amplifier," which I recently unearthed -- had completely forgotten I'd done it. From the 1980s, of course, given the images and concerns (all-out nuclear war the main worry then -- giving way to a sort of slower crumbling now).

Last night watched a great camp classic, Horror Express, with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and a cameo by Telly Savalas. Great line, when someone threatens "I'll send you to Siberia," to which Kojak responds "I'm already in Siberia." The frozen ape thing in the case is eldritch in a way more expensive special effects can't match.

Have been reading The Prince by Machiavelli for the first time, as well. Move a lot of your people into the conquered lands --

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