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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oddities 2, The Art Page

Works by Roman Scott, Evan Chalmers, Impasto Artaud, and Frank Horter.


  1. Re the Cosmic Glow Worm, I think I thought of it some days ago while hearing George Noory, who was listening to an Open-Liner, quietly shutting her off without even his customary "you may have a point there." She had apparently overstepped her bounds when she discussed a vision of the cosmic Pilsbury Dough Boy. It sounded odd, but she may have been on to something.
    As to Frank Horter, I found of wiki that he was on a list of obscure expressionist painters active in the late 50s, his last works being very small in format.

  2. R, I should listen to C2C more, only catch it occasionally on the weekends. Frank Horter, the abstract expressionist, hideously old now -- I heard something about him living in Europe these day, possibly the Mediterranean area. Mongo's Scream does have a kind of authority to it. Lee Krasner brushing menthol cigarette ash into an ashtray on a giant stand. J.