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Thursday, September 1, 2011

more Poetry for All, Oddities 2, 1982

More material from Impasto Artaud, Doug Gilford, Duane Hall, Larry Keim, and undisclosed sources from the shadows. In an eruption of Jungian synchronicity, I read Artaud's poem about muzak, and saw an official Muzak van in a parking lot, both today.


  1. Muzak still exists, with vans no less? I wonder if they have altered their music selection, to make it more pumping and rappy. Most anytime I'm in a store with music in it I have to make my time there as short as possible, feeling as if I need to find a toilet quickly.
    re Pedro, yes he met the mad dog himself, speaking fondly of him. I guess he had gone with a consortium of activists, the types who would also have visited Castro. I remember being surprised even at the time. No, I've lost contact with him--should try to get in touch to see what he now thinks.

  2. I don't recall hearing any of the classic style of Muzak anywhere lately, that mild, simulated orchestral sound -- maybe they've amped it up as you suggest. Store music tends to be more contemporary sounding pop stuff, it seems.