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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some kind of a loosey goosey, Atlantean singing crystals startup

Selenite Fog

"The colour is of all the sunsets and sunrises of the earth combined"
Parallel to the sky runs a band of mist, unexpectedly,
The eclipse might be terminating up there now, totality, the earth projecting its tombs and precipices, dovetailed to the mare,
Can't see it like Gyeongju, didn't get the opportunity,
the places one has been are more important than the books one hasn't read.
Goose passage, wings of embers, honk in cloud road, what lies before and behind migratory pace,
I've seen a few eclipses panoramic before
One solar divers lunar in shaded blood
not a particularly cosmic glyptodon
My watchful feet shuffle around the building,

dawn and twilight pave the uncertain atmosphere.

JF 11 December, 2011

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