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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Tortillas, Queretaro, Mexico

Stereoscopic card shewing the process of tortilla making, in Queretaro, Mexico. Just taking a wild guess, I'd place the twin photos around 1900 or so. I was unfamiliar with the name so typed "Queretaro" into the Wikipedias. Here one can see (among other things) that the city and surrounding state are in Central Mexico, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (which ended the Mexican-American War) was signed in the city. I understand that treaty might have been a bit controversial at times.

Dream of Jimi Hendrix: I was watching a movie of him made around the time of Woodstock, with his figure projected looming in a dim old theatre. He had a pained, tragic cast to his face, and was forming mudra- like shapes over a guitar, drawing out wolf howl notes, not touching the strings, theremin style. Time seemed to flow backwards -- I then was in a bus approaching the theatre, before the film started.


  1. I like the idea of combining fresh tortillas and Jimi Hendrix. They are both magical.

  2. Where's a taco truck when you need one?