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Thursday, May 17, 2012

John F. Kennedy Birthplace, Brookline, Mass.


Dear Kay, Frank & all

We are leaving to go to New York tomorrow -- It's hot & humid here like I never felt before. No coolness at nite. We're done mostly visiting and a bit of sight seeing.

Love, Phil & Mary

The Roosevelt stamp dates from the late 1960s, so the postcard must have been written and sent in that timeframe. I saw a clip of David McCullough on tv saying he believed the "Kennedy curse" is not real. I disagree -- with the recent, apparent suicide of Mary Kennedy, RFK Jr.'s estranged wife, one more instance, the statistics are meaningful beyond coincidence.


  1. Hi, I just visited Brookline this afternoon. May I borrow you postcard for my blog? I didn't want to use any images that are owned by the national park service.
    I'm an unpublished writer in Cambridge; that's my only interest; maybe a future novelist will find my observations on how to keep life interesting and rewarding.


  2. Sure you can use the postcard Scott, thanks for asking. Please provide a link to my site or some attribution. I've been to Cambridge but not to Brookline. Good luck with the writing -- I enjoyed your detailed comments on silent film.