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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rest Stop, West of Boardman

Rest Stop, West of Boardman

By Jonathan Falk

Crickets screamed under the wind, blades of night query past. My stilts beyond the Columbia walk, corneas pulsed with newer life. Censor: Sachem Pharos, green light signaled on hermit’s island in the river’s hippogriffs, basalt eruptions, laved with painted floods. Tom Jefferson stacked his books apropos of milt sunset. Fruit could need I fruit flies time fruit powder.

I remember the transient beard, something to shift when I saw for a moment scoriac splendor, a fairyland, one of those viewpoints I shot past driving, marvelous things, lunar lava and farms. Eagle Creek trail, drought childhood sneakers melting. Time the panhandler raven. You rode with old Nils, you better not drink a cup of coffee.
On the Washington shore, one blue light knocked on the night, filter of dawn.

Written before the switch to Daylight Saving Time, November 6, 2016

Photo: Columbia River Gorge, 9-16-16.


  1. Great images came to mind when I read Rest Stop, West of Boardman. 'Filter of dawn' and 'drought childhood sneakers melting' come to mind. The landscape around Columbia River Gorge looks quite bleak. As I've said before I like these type of images.

    1. Thanks much, Ray. I drew the images, in part, from my September trip. The Columbia Gorge has a variety of landscape types, from stark, dramatic, or bleak, as you write, in the east, to green and lush, and with many waterfalls, in the western half.