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Friday, August 2, 2013

Wrong side since memory know

Wrong side since memory know

Wrong side since memory know, non-eruption, just look at those places, lava talus marmoreal.  I generally from the western slope see,

The base of Mt. Hood ringed spectacles springboard notch, can you photograph at night from 45 miles away, Celsius or Canadian kilometers forgotten from 1970s mandates, drive with headlamps on, can’t convert, flash cubes breathing like neutron bombs, the moon leaves everyone alive save the buildings.  The root of the mountain is what’s major, scrape marks sidereal, the roads around Sam Hill’s manse are stationary, cars up and down none for miles, rattlesnake’s buzzer whistling, compass sclera overtone production, nearest star Ginnungagap fanning peacock wind generators.  Bayonet strike, purling intestine jacket, petroglyph motor.  Misplaced der Alte’s grave, the hills past the lintels, Stonehenge of dry times, take what shade you can get, oasis house umbrage scent too close to the road, shivered roses by memorial of war.
August 2, 2013
Photograph:  Mt. Hood and Columbia River, outside Maryhill Museum of Art, Washington State,
June 8, 2013


  1. Always good to read through your compositions, Jonathan. I wondered if you knew of the Burroughs site called RealityStudio - A William S. Burroughs Community...A really comprehensive look at his writing. Mt.Hood looks tantalizingly interesting in the distance.

  2. Thanks Ray. RealityStudio was new to me -- I just now looked at the site and it is well-designed and insightful, looks excellent. Speaking of Burroughs and Gysin, I've had fun occasionally playing around with some of the online cut-up machines available. A pregnant emptiness reigns in that part of the US depicted in the photo.