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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Writing from the Western part of Berlin... After several days spent here, and a trip to Wroclaw Poland as well... I had some absurd idea I would find my greatgreatgreat grandparents' parsonage, (of course I didn't in a huge urban area, if it even survives) but did find an intriguing Gothic layer beneath the communist housing block artifacts and the bustle and office buildings of modern Poland... (My great-grandfather was also raised in the parsonage -- I posted a photo of it in the November 16 2008 entry.) Ducks skimming the Oder river, fanned by the setting sun underneath cathedral spires... The areas around what used to be Breslau, (now Wroclaw) after regarding them, yeah it's possible the parsonage could have survived the decades, seeing cryptic Prussian towers and farmhouses along the rural passages the train took, roughly similar to the style... I rode along in a deserted compartment on the way there, almost expected to have Count Orlok from Nosferatu greet me when I clambered off the train.

Also spent a bit of time in Luebeck Germany.

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