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Saturday, June 6, 2009


over the past 24 hours R. and I went to Kragero and the island of Jomfruland. Got to walk up to a statue of Edvard Munch at a famous vantage point, from where he received the inspiration for his painting The Sun. We camped in a campground [on the island] lined with luxurious caravan vehicles. We stayed in a little tent. A little the worse for beer, I was all settled to lie down and sleep on the cold ground beneath the eldritch moon, in the eerily brief northern night. We were jolted by an inexplicable sound, which turned out to be [apparently] kids throwing gravel at our tent. I froze still, uncertain what to do, while mysterious voices whispered outside, and further showers of gravel hit us. Then finally, the terror was over, and I settled to talk with Morpheus. Today we had a barbeque on a "one time grill" on the skagerrak ocean side of the island, perched on a titanic rock shelf which looked like the surface of a moon of a trans-Neptunian planet.

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