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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Culture War

Photograph of my great-great-great uncle, Adalbert Falk (one, but not the only one, of the people after whom this blog was named). I can see a certain physical resemblance to a few relatives.

Here is a brief biography of the man, taken from the Wikipedia entry, itself taken from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.

"Paul Ludwig Adalbert Falk (10 August 1827 – July 7, 1900) was a German politician. Falk was born at Metschkau (Mieczków), Silesia. In 1847 he entered the Prussian state service, and in 1853 became public prosecutor at Lyck (Ełk). In 1858 he was elected a deputy, joining the Old Liberal party. In 1868 he became a privy-councillor in the ministry of justice. In 1872 he was made minister of education, and in connection with Otto von Bismarck's policy of the Kulturkampf he was responsible for the May Laws or Falk Laws against the Catholics. In 1879 his position became untenable, owing to the death of Pope Pius IX and the change of German policy with regard to the Vatican, and he resigned his office, but retained his seat in the Reichstag until 1882. He was then made president of the supreme court of justice at Hamm, where he died in 1900."

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