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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saint Sebastian by Alfred Courmes

Card sent from my father to me when he was in Paris, with a painting by the surrealist painter Alfred Courmes; I can't quite decipher the Parisian postmark but the second one it received stateside is dated 5 January 1987, Richmond, California.

Text: Dear J, Spent most o'day in the Georges Pompidou Museum which is in a rather startling bldg w large curved ventilators, enclosed plastic walkways, escalators & various other machinery all on the outside of the bldg. Many of the large steel girders are visible. There are no exterior walls but nonetheless it is a good modern art museum wi Dali and other greats. To fully appreciate the picture one must have seen the dozens of other St Sebastian pictures all over Europe, most wi a vapid expression. I laughed heartily on seeing this one. Its getting cold here and looks like snow-ice on water standing (?) Tried to get in the Henri IV hostel which is on an isle but was full so am in the famous hostel which serves a piece of bread and bowl of coffee for brkfst. Its not too bad though -- heard about it from some German kids elsewhere. Have a good room-mate John who is to start his career as a doctor in England in a couple weeks -- also some other nice types and a rather dubious Moroccan Arab. Came on nite train nonstop from Barcelona to Paris and was rather groggy on arriving. Its nice here tho. Good food & charming. Dad

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