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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cathedral Island, Wrocław


Which is no longer an island: Ostrów Tumski.  The time when I was there, a flautist played Bach as I walked the Tumski Bridge.  The notes faded into the bricks and stonework of the ancient fanes and houses.
The postcard looks to date from communist- era Poland, maybe 1950s or 60s.  The language, not surprisingly, is Polish, and the sender appeared to have forgotten to bring the recipient's address. 
Wyspa Tumska is an alternate form of Ostrów Tumski -- Dominsel in German, or Cathedral Island in English.


  1. The postcards from the era of communism are very interesting to look back on. Cathedral Island looks a very peaceful place on the pc.

  2. Unfortunately it doesn't look like an island any more at all. Nowadays there are spires at the towers!

  3. Lisa, yes, the postcards from communist days had a different look, even the ones (such as the one above) that aren't propagandistic. Rob, the cathedral in the card looks barren without its spires.