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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nyctalops 18 (1983) -- Clarence John Laughlin cover & Roman Scott Drawing

Illustration by Roman Scott, accompanying S.T. Joshi's essay On "The Book" (by H.P. Lovecraft)

I just ran across this copy (which I purchased in 1983) of Nyctalops 18 in my files.  Cover photograph by surrealist photographer Clarence John Laughlin (the issue contained his story The Cathedral of Evil as well).  Laughlin was STILL ALIVE at the time of this publication. Antiques Roadshow recently had a segment on the photographer.  The periodical (edited by Harry O. Morris, Jr.) gathered gothically surrealistic photography, art, collage, poetry and fiction.  Creators and critics represented included Thomas Ligotti, J.K. Potter (Google him and one gets a shitstorm of Harry Potter pages), Deborah Valentine, Richard L. Tierney, Billy Wolfenbarger, Sutton Breiding, Christine P. Morris, Ben P. Indick, Denise Dumars, and others.

Nyctalops also held a review of Oddities 3.  (I've posted all except one issue of Oddities on here):  
Calls itself metaphysical chaos and organicism.  Some comic strip format, but most of the pages are plastered with word-explosions that carom off at all angles, literally and figuratively.  Incomprehensible.

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