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Saturday, May 21, 2011

May and June, 1988

I picked up this photo at an estate sale or flea market, I think, years ago. The image looks to be from around 1910-20 or thereabouts, judging from the car. The building and setting have a institutionally creepy atmosphere, reminding me of a place where the unsunned and stunned haunt the hallways. (The edifice could be some kind of school or Catholic establishment or something as well.) There is no caption on the back -- I imagine the photo could have been taken in Oregon or the Northwest, although it could be anywhere. Perhaps a botanist might have some clues from the flora, native or otherwise. The edges of the paper indicate they were ripped from a scrapbook.

Recent read: The Simulacra, by Philip K. Dick. As with many science fiction books, his extrapolations on technology and politics were sometimes farsighted and sometimes not. You've got public phone booths and the USSR on one side, and electronic passkey badges and android versions of Konrad Adenauer on the other (ok, we don't have the latter yet, as far as we know). Anytime you've got Hermann Goering and radiation-created Neanderthals together in the same tome you've got my attention.


  1. It's all bullshit!
    Hey Jonathan the only reason I did not want to meet you back in the Monday Funnies days was because I hate children and you and Roman and one other guy were far too close to that realm. I actually liked your psychotic renderings very much and appreciate the work you did.

    Incidentally, I saw a cartoon once that featured Hermann Goering and strangly he was more real as a drawn figure than in real life.

    Take care old boy,

  2. Marcus, great to hear from you after all these years. A lot of water under the bridge as they say. It is indeed all bullshit, I've concluded. Little kids can indeed be irritating, especially screaming ones.

    I appreciated you publishing my work as well! Best, Jonathan