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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oscar Bravo Lima

The cover of Vagubund, a one-shot mini I did back in the day; and a related, time-exposed, spectral antique photo of Latourell Falls. The cover is by Roman Scott; printed from an image he cut from a block of wood, while scanning a moss formation on the cliff face at Latourell Falls. The area around the Falls, including the quiet semi-populated town of Latourell, is a monument to both the Missoula Floods and the wistful dreams of humanity.

The mysterious lichen eidolon (a sort of naturally-formed, shamanic turtle or snake) depicted in the woodcut is still laved by the waterfall.
"Wie damals, so heute." One can almost see the moss spectre to the right side of the cascade on this old postcard. The photographers, Cross & Dimmitt, were well-known for their images of the Columbia Gorge, as one can find out by entering their names in a web search. The caption references the Columbia River Highway, so the picture must have been exposed sometime in or after the 1913-22 period when the road was created (according to Wikipedia at least).


  1. I was just there last week with my parents. My father kept referring to it as LaTourette Falls, which pitched the rest of us into a fit of light-hearted swearing.

  2. Christine, "LaTourette" is pretty good. I might have run into you -- I was up there last week myself! Jonathan