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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vagabond, pages 1 and 2

This was published by Todd Mecklem's Terata Publications, and featured eclectic sources. The Eccentric Mr. Panji dated from around 1979 or 80, showcasing meerschaum pipes, derby hats, and pince-nez glasses as emblems of nonconformity. The super-defier pig nose creature goes back even further, from around the time of the Gerald R. Ford (or early Carter) administration. It was taken from a unique booklet called The Book of Srang (a misspelling of "strange"), drawn by a childhood friend. The book was created with ballpoint pen on ruled notebook paper bound with masking tape. Included also are a poem by myself and Todd Mecklem, during the period when we collaborated frequently on these German-titled poems and stories.


  1. This blog is a great archive. never know what I might find--better than my file cabinet. Would be good to post more from the very obscure and hallowed Book of Srang. I like the previous Oddities posts as well.

  2. R, yes, I try to keep a mix of the old and new on here. Glad you like it. Maybe I'll post some more from J. Bradley's blasphemous Book of Srang sometime if I locate it.

  3. 1987? That may have been a long time ago, I can't quite remember.

  4. Hey Todd, 1987 was actually in the century before this one... When we still used buggy whips and whale oil. Catch you later, J.