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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Today sat down, donned 3d glasses, and partook in Werner Herzog's paleogean trip: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Spectacularly mystic and evocative work that resurrects the hidden Cro Magnons and cave bears. The scenes with the curtained, painted depths of the cave alternate with scientists and entertaining wackoes such as the perfumist who snuffs the earth for possible undiscovered caverns. An incantation in the same sense as the droning zithers and scalloped gables and mountains featured in some of Herzog's other films. After the credits signaled the show is over, I propelled myself into the cavernous heat of the day, the bison in the film seemingly informing my sclera briefly.


  1. Is Cave showing widely in the US? Shucks, wish I could see it. Lopate had a great interview with him a month ago. Was it successful in 3d? Only Herzog would pick the reverse of what 3d is known for (areal, open spaces with wide horizons.)

  2. I believe the Cave is showing around the U.S.; It's been in Portland for a few weeks. Yes, the 3d worked well, as you say, the opposite of what it's generally used for. Gives you the sense of actually being in the cave, accompanied by Herzog's dark narration (many of the shots were done above ground, which are effective as well).