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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pony, Montana, 1909

Pony, mont. oct. 13, 1909

Dear Mattie, well I got your postle card.  Well I am as good as boys can be, and you no how good that is?  When you get this card you will think that you are in Pony, at our house.  Tell aunt Jennie the next card I am going to write to her. I go to school every day. 
Yours lovingly Bert.

Addressed to Miss M. Ferguson
1126 Nevada Ave.
S. Butte


  1. Nothing has changed; today Pony is a semi-ghost town. I wouldn't mind visiting it one day.

  2. Sleepy little place by the mountains.

  3. I like the picture, without colour it looks really stark. Bert's comments are funny...'and you no how good that is'.

  4. The picture is full of atmosphere, I also like the old-time light globe (or transformer?) on the wire. I no just what you mean.